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Dr. Sheila Brooks Graduates From the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program

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Robert L. Wallace, CEO and Founder of BITHGROUP Technologies Inc. and Bithenergy Inc. receives the 2017 Maryland International Business Leadership award

On March 8th 2017, Robert L. Wallace received the 2017 Maryland International Business Leadership award from the World Trade Center Institute. The event was held at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore Maryland and was attended by hundreds of guests and anchor institutions throughout the sate. This renowned award honors leaders who have taken their companies as well as the State of Maryland to new global heights. Wallace accepted the award on behalf of the work performed by BITHGROUP Technologies Inc. and Bithenergy Inc. overseas, in Asia and Africa. International business accounts for over 15% of the current business portfolio and the companies expect to double the revenue over the next two years with emerging opportunities in the Caribbean and various African nations.

A portion of BITH’s profits go to humanitarian efforts to support the overseas construction of churches, clinics, schools, and orphanages. On a local level, BITH proudly supports Baltimore City Schools in their efforts to be more environmentally responsible and seek new technologies in energy and sustainability.

Robert L. Wallace wins the “Unsung Hero Award” at the Small Business Association’s Award Ceremony

On June 15, 2016 Dr. Robert L. Wallace was awarded the “Unsung Hero Award” at Small Business Association’s Award Ceremony Luncheon. He received the award due to his unique approach to addressing economic hardships that loomed ahead of BITHGROUP Technologies during the crash of 2008. Wallace was able to shift focus to new ventures, rather than lay off employees. This dynamic idea gave birth to Bithenergy, now one of Baltimore’s leading Renewable Energy Companies. Below is an excerpt from the letter to the Small Business Association, nominating Wallace for the award.

Since I began my tenure in 2004 I have watched Mr. Wallace lead our company and other small business leaders through many storms. Wallace is consistently ahead of the curve.  In difficult times when other small businesses faith is failing he has a knack for knowing the precise moment to turn the corner and point our company into a new and exciting direction.  He calls it a “pivot point”. 

When the U.S. economy began to spiral fear struck a lot of small businesses. Our phones began to ring off the hook from small business owners seeking wisdom and guidance from Mr. Wallace.  Robert encouraged each and every business owner to ride out the storm.  He inspired them to find their niche, stay focused, and operate in excellence. Our company was not exempt.  We were faced with some of the same issues as the other small businesses, however, Robert pivoted and introduced new lines of business in the areas of energy and biometrics to our team.   Both areas of business proved to be very lucrative not only for our company but for the community in the area of job creation.

BITHGROUP Founder and CEO, Robert L. Wallace receives the Joseph S. Tyler, Jr. Award

On Friday, June 3, 2016, Founder and Chief Operating Officer Robert L. Wallace of BITHGROUP Technologies received the Joseph Tyler Award from the National Technical Association in recognition for his lifelong contributions to expanding the opportunities of minorities and minority youth in the technology arena. Dr. Wallace also delivered the key note speech entitled “Technology Entrepreneurship: The Key to Power” which focused on informing youth how they can better prepare themselves to leverage technology and the entrepreneurial spirit to participate in the global economy.  BITHGROUP actively works with minority youth annually through sponsoring internships to high school and collegiate students.

The National Technical Association, Inc. was established in 1926.  Its purpose was to create a medium for expressing minority professional concerns for the lack of minority participation in the mainstream of architectural and engineering activity in America.

Today this goal has not changed, but has expanded to include a major concern for the participation of minority youth in meeting the challenge of modern technology.  Also for youth who have dropped from the challenge, NTA encourages them to seek allied programs to suit their interest and needs.

NTA architectural, engineering and scientific membership volunteers its services nationally to assist public institutions in identifying potential minority technical talent.  Public Institutions where the service is encouraged includes high schools, colleges and in the recent past, penal institutions.  NTA has spent the ensuing years gaining nation attention through its programs of encouragement to students and professionals alike.  The organization has enlarged its goals beyond just gaining economic recognition to include making minority youth aware of the opportunities being made available to them.