Organic and natural skin and hair care company

James Jim Davenport



2330 N. Howard Street
Baltimore, MD 21218


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Earth’s Enrichments (EE) is a premium USDA certified organic and natural skin and hair care company. Earth’s Enrichments was established in 2012 on the premise of creating skin and hair care products that are uncompromisingly healthy and luxurious yet affordable. Since the time of our conception, we have grown from 7 SKU’s to over 30 SKU’s. Our skin care lines have been approved by and are retailed in Whole Foods regionally and other health and beauty markets nationally. EE also has a store front, an online store, and a product shop on Amazon.

The size of the global skin care industry is $121 billion and the size of the global hair care industry is $83 billion. The global demand for organic products is expected to reach $13.2 billion by 2018 and is growing at a rate of 9.6% annually. As a niche company in this industry, our USDA Certified Organic (95% organic or greater) products are a part of the fast growing organic and natural market segment. We are confident that there is an opportunity for us to team up with Under Armour and for us to both excel in this fast paced and profitable industry.