Cloud-based, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) Solution

Donna Stevenson


Donna Stevenson


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Early Morning Software, Inc. provides the cloud-based, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) solution. We have been assisting our clients in the achievement of their organizational goals through the use of integrated technologies for supplier, contract, certification, workforce and concessions management.

Our current client base includes world class organizations seeking to develop and advance their supplier diversity and workforce development programs. Our PRISM Management Consultants have the depth of experience to partner with our clients in defining and establishing the methodologies and performance metrics to build and manage solid supplier diversity programs.

Our management consultants and solution advisors also have the expertise and are proficient in state of the art tools to support the delivery of leading supplier diversity practices. Our team ensures clients’ success using the following:
Real time, on-demand reports listing all suppliers and workforce by trade, locale, gender, ethnicity or various other profile indicators.
Real time list of suppliers with L/M/WBE certifications.
Integrated PRISM Correspondence Center to perform outreach and send automated reminder notices.
Ability to forecast opportunity by specified commodity group and access suppliers with applicable capability and capacity.
Automated submission, auditing and approval of bidding, contracts, subcontracts, prevailing wage/payroll, and workforce utilization.

What sets EMS and the solution apart is a commitment and mission to deliver measureable outcomes that positively affect the supplier diversity goals of our client partners.