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Membership Criteria

Membership Criteria


Every candidate for membership in The Presidents’ Roundtable shall meet the following criteria:

• Hold the title, responsibility, autonomy and authority of President or Chief Executive Officer or Chief Operating Officer

• Own and/or operate a business and participate in the day-to-day operations

• Must operate a “for profit” business (with exceptions for non-profit entities considered on a case by case basis)

• Must enjoy a positive, ethical reputation in the business community and the community-at-large

• Must be a seasoned businessperson. Business must have been in existence for 3 years

• Must have an operating business in the metropolitan Maryland area

• Generate revenues of at least two million dollars (Request letter from Accountant)

• Show evidence of community involvement

• Demonstrate an understanding of our organization’s obligations and assessments in effect.

Currently regular dues are $2,000 per quarter.

• Adhere to the expectation that members will actively participate and attend meetings and organizational activities.


1. Candidate must have a “sponsor” within the organization.

2. Sponsor should determine candidate’s interest in the organization and discuss criteria before personal interview is scheduled.

3. Sponsor should recommend candidate and submit a completed fact sheet to the Chairman of the Membership Committee.

4. Membership Committee will discuss candidate’s qualifications and determine acceptability.

5. Membership Committee will arrange personal interview with candidates.

6. Membership Committee will submit acceptable candidates to the entire body for consideration.

7. Acceptance into membership will require a 2/3 vote. Voting will be by secret ballot.

8. Candidates will be notified of decision by letter from the Chairman of the Membership Committee.

The President will follow up with a letter of welcome to each of the candidates accepted into membership.


The size of the organization will be determined by the membership.


B. Tyrous (Terry) Addison
Atlas Insurance Agency

Dorothy Brunson
Brunson Communications (WENB Radio)

Raymond V. Haysbert
Parks Sausage Conmpany

Henry (Hank) Edwards
Community 'foods (Super Pride Supermarkets)

Otis Warren
Otis Warren Real Estate Service

Osborne A. Payne
Broadway Payne (McDonald's Restaurants)

William March
March Funeral Homes

Art Lambert
Lambert Insurance Agency

James McLean
Four Seas Seven Winds Travel Agency

William Jackson
Jackson Oil Company

Rudolph Gustus
G & M Oil Company

J. (Jake) John Oliver
Afro-American Newspapers

Melvin Bilal
Security America Services