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Founded in 1983, The Presidents' RoundTable is an organization of 20 African-American entrepreneurs in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. region which oversees and controls assets exceeding $1.1 billion and employs more than 1750 workers in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. region, PRT is a results-driven organization of high-growth African-American businesses that strives to improve access to opportunities for all minority entrepreneurs, enhances the quality of life in our communities, helps our fellow members build business capacities, and supports our members through sharing resources and peer experiences.


B. Tyrous (Terry) Addison
Atlas Insurance Agency

Dorothy Brunson
Brunson Communications (WENB Radio)

Raymond V. Haysbert
Parks Sausage Conmpany

Henry (Hank) Edwards
Community 'foods (Super Pride Supermarkets)

Otis Warren
Otis Warren Real Estate Service

Osborne A. Payne
Broadway Payne (McDonald's Restaurants)

William March
March Funeral Homes

Art Lambert
Lambert Insurance Agency

James McLean
Four Seas Seven Winds Travel Agency

William Jackson
Jackson Oil Company

Rudolph Gustus
G & M Oil Company

J. (Jake) John Oliver
Afro-American Newspapers

Melvin Bilal
Security America Services