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James "Jim" Davenport

President, American Technology Corporation (ATC)

In his role as President of ATC, Mr. Davenport brings to the organization a career rich in experience drawn from Westinghouse, AT&T and the U.S. Army, where he was a Vietnam era officer. His experience as an entrepreneur includes two prior businesses, West Enterprises which provided consulting services in the executive task areas and business packaging and Baltimore Electronics Inc., an electronic manufacturing firm. In addition to his business interests, Mr. Davenport has been committed to the success of The Door as Chairman since its founding in 1985. The Door is a faith-based organization that serves children, young adults, families and meets neighborhood housing requirements. He is a graduate of Morgan State University and has completed graduate studies at George Washington University in Operations Research.

American Technology Corporation (ATC)

American Technology Corporation
2330 North Howard Street
Baltimore, MD
(410) 467-6800


To make and sell technically based products and services that incorporate quality, service, utility and convenience through corporative initiative, integrity and innovation.


To create a continually evolving enterprise that identifies and exploits technology, to provide opportunities for creative expression within the organization and to reward the commitment and contributions of diligent associates. As the sole producer of a major component of gas masks, American Technology Corporation (ATC) provides bio/chemical protection products to all military branches (Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force). In addition, (ATC) manufactures and tests electronic products, produces skin-toxicity acceptable rubber products and develops high tolerance plastic assemblies. ATC serves both government and commercial clients in the areas of electronics, repair and maintenance. In addition to numerous awards from the U.S. army, ATC was the recipient of the Greater Baltimore Committee's 1989 Venture Award.


Established: 1985

Industry: Design, Development and Manufacturing

Products/Services: Electronics Repair and Maintenance Bio/Chemical Protection High Tolerance Plastic Assemblies

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